Alone not lonely- breakfast date

There’s nothing as exciting as getting ready to treat yourself and spend a few hours alone and being fully immersed in what you’re doing. I mean not reaching your phone to call or update people but being in the moment and fully present.

Treating myself to a breakfast date had been on my bucket list for a while now and having to tick it off makes me feel great. Just some alone time in places full of people and not feeling lonely. After the date i was more comfortable and confident being alone…

For this treat i decided to visit the St.Louis cafe in BGC,Metro Manila. Their outdoor dining offers stunning views. A great place for ambient lovers

I am at my happiest when I’m indulging in delicious food and Breakfast dates are now a favorite thing that I enjoy doing alone,

Don’t forget to make time for yourself


My Introduction


I am Kuziwa Ngundu. I’m a young lady who likes putting her feelings down and love listening to people say what they feel about anything. Join me as i take my steps to happiness,i believe being happy is a choice and as you take each step in you life,accompany that step with happiness